Voilà Viola et Natalia

Boot fetisch Movie

We have a new member. Viola is a true boot fan and we are very happy to may know her. On the DVD you will find 3 clips. Natalia begins in long crotch high bots and very long leather gloves. After that viola meets the Captain of Koepenick in thigh high leather boots and red gloves. In the third clip we escort Viola to an architectual garden. There she wears matching red over knee boots.

All in all you get more than 53 minutes pure boot passion, recorded in 16:9 High-Definition format. Enjoy your time.

Of course you can see Viola's and Natalia's full face on the DVD.

If you got problems, playing the video, download one of these free players.

DivX-Player oder VLC-Player



(low Quality)
1. Natalia in Crotch Highs and Gloves.

(low Quality)
2. Viola in Koepenick.

(low Quality)
3. Viola in a public garden.

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