Be happy that you have a boot fetish because you know your key to fortune. You know it makes you happy, when your girlfriend or wife wears boots for you. You know the little tickling in you stomach as soon as a pair of wonderfully shaped, booted legs, just passes by. Many people donít know what makes them happy. If you are on this page, you know what makes you happy: BOOTS! To bring this message to the people is our mission. It is perfectly fine to like boots. Our second mission: we want to show you the way to convince your wife or girlfriend to make you happy. All she has to do, is to put on a pair of boots. If you are happy, it will make her happy in return. This simple issue is sometimes hard to explain.

About us

To be a Student of Boots (Stiefelstudent) means more than just to like boots. It also means more than just to look into the subject of boots. A Student of Boots is somebody, who is open minded towards his or her fetish. Lots of people know that is not a absolutely normal to have a fetish.

But few people recognize their fetish as a chance for life. Your fetish is the boot; boots make you happy; your personal fortune lies in the boots. Live and make your dreams come true.

One of the best things in life is to have sex with a beautiful woman wearing a pair of boots. Remember: A happy sexlife is a happy life! We are students of boots (fetish??)who have found their fortune. We know "Shared joy is doubled joy". That is the reason why we brought this page to life. Praise the life, praise the boot and let's be happy together.


Have you ever asked yourself why you feel attracted by boots. Could it be, that a native African from the inner Congo, who has never seen a boot, has an yet unknown boot fetish? Since when do women wear Boots? Who invented the boot? Why do they come back to fashion every once in a while? What kind of characters do like boots? Lot of questions, few answers. We will look and find them!