by Rio

It is time to honour Christel and Bernd. Since 7 years they make the bootlover-community happy, with their wonderful pics. They surely are pioneers of the first hour.  They don’t just show us regulary beautiful boots, but they make an enormous contribution for the new emancipation. They were the first on the web, who brought the boot from redlight to daylight. What has been grubby, became modern erotic art. Wherever Christel walks and stands with her boots, she improves the environment. to a higher level. What has been a unspectacular, boring train station turns with her into a room with sparking, erotic aesthetics.

Without Bernd and Christel and their BBCD-page, there probably wouldn’t be any Stiefelstudenten. When I discovered their page years ago, I started to think different about the topic of fetish. Representative for all bootlovers I would like to say: “Thanks! You have done excellent pioneer’s work. You have showed enormous effort and if you wouldn’t be so young, you had deserved the special price for life’s work. I hope we can enjoy you pics for many years more!”