Lucia in suede boots

We have a new clip with Lucia and our suede boots and hot pants- we love the summer!

Pau with F.B. 318 boots

Have a look at Pau with the new F.B. 318 boots walking through Berlin city:

red dress and suede boots

Pau shows us the brandnew F.B. suede boots:

Lucia in the studio

Lucia tries different boots and gloves on in our studio:

Nele in black

the wonderful Nele in bikerjacket, shiny leegings and thigh high boots:

Pau with sneakers

here is a new clip with pau and our sporty sneaker boots:

dreams come true

Have a look at Nele in her brown crotchhigh boots:

Neles Premiere

Our new student of boots Nele shows her F.B. 106 crotchhigh boots:

summer feeling

Pau is waiting for the train in her summerboots and dress:

Marie in red

Check out our new clip with Marie in long red boots and gloves:

Christiane in the park

There is a new clip with Christiane in the park with her overknee boots:

Pau with gloves

In this clip you can see Pau in the studio with gloves and high heel boots:

Marie in brown boots

Here is a clip with Marie in our brown F.B. 106 boots walking along the fairytale fountain:

Marie is back

Our student of boot Marie was a long time absent and now you can see her in a stunnung outfit:

Pau in the train

Pau is dancing in the train and enjoys her new super long F.B. boots. Have a look:

Red dress with gloves

Christiane wears a wonderful red dress, of course with high heel boots and long black gloves:

Spring 2014 collection

finally we have a new picture collection. there are pictures from Yvi, Pau, Christiane and Anna. Have a look:

New boots in town

Ohh yes- there are new boots in town. Thigh high Boots 318 with a little platform. check it out:

Christiane in red

Our new student of boot Christiane wears her red crotchhigh boots with a very special elegance:

Dancing Pau

Again a very special clip. Pau is dancing in the studio in her brandnew FB 316 boots. You don´t wanna miss it:

Anna in the studio

there is a new and novel clip with Anna.we filmed in the studio with special light, many detail shots and overlength:

Green satin

Pau is walking in the park in her elegant shiny green dress and black overknee boots:

Pau with plateau boots

In this clip you will see Pau on a lake with her exiting high plateau boots:

Boots on the bridge

Spring ist coming in this wonderful clip with Pau and her thigh high boots walking along a little bridge:

Yvi in crotchhigh boots

...and another clip with lovely Yvi- this time she wears the crotchhigh fb boots model 106:

boots and gloves

let´s have a look at our new clip: Yvi in a bar with an exiting outfit- black leather boots and gloves:

french flair

our new clip will bring the spring to you-on a wonderful brigde with warm sunrays yvi poses in shiny brown boots:

Yvi in White

have a look at our brand new clip. Yvi wears white high heel boots...:

Sofie in Biker Boots

we have a clip from the summer with Sofie in great leather biker boots:

New Year collection

there is a new picture collection inkluding shootings with Lucia Angela, Diba, Anna, Natalia and much more!

thigh high biker boots

take a look at the new clip with Diba in thigh high biker boots in the stormy Berlin:

Red coat & long boots

there is a new clip with Diba in front of the federal parliament with a red coat and wonderful long boots:

Natalia in brown boots

for a change we show you a wonderful clip with Natalia in long brown boots from this summer :

Double premiere

this clip is a double premiere since our new boot model Diba presents our new boot model 106:

autumn 2013 picture collection

Here is our new picture collection. you will find pictures from 13 shootings with Jenny B., Jenny, Natalia, Anna, Cassandra, Lucia and Sofie.

Anna polishes her boots

There is a new clip with Anna. She shows us how to clean and care her overknee boots:

Lucia Angela high heeled

In her new clip Lucia presents herself in a minidress with her high heel boots:

New Blog

There is a new blog about the topic fashion and boots. We hope it will encourage more women to wear boots...of course there will be pictures, too.

Lucia Angela in White

Lucia Angela relaxing in the park wearing her white high heel boots ....

Lucia Angela´s Premiere

Have a look at our new clip with Lucia Angela in her fantastic overknee boots:

Sofie in Lace Boots

In her new clip Sofie shows her wonderful lace leather boots:

Sofie in High Heel Boots

Our new student of boots, Sofie, presents her new black high heel boots. Have a look:

Natalia in White

There is a new Clip with Natalia in white boots and gloves, don't miss it:

New Clip with Jenny B.

There is a new clip with Jenny B.. Don't miss it!!!:)

We have a new picture collection :)

Finally I found the time to put together a new picture collection. Included are 2 of my favourite shoots ever, but I won't tell you which they are;) Please have a look.

Another Clip with Cassandra

In her new clip, you will see Cassandra in super-sexy lace boots.


There is a new clip with Cassandra in Fernando Berlin Boots, that are not possible to buy at this moment. Take a look!

A Self made clip from Rebekka

Have a look at Rebekkas selfmade video. It is different, it is beautiful.

Take a look at this one :)

The new promotion clip from Fernando Berlin, very sexy:)!


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